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Welcome to Complete Athlete, where we recognize that true athleticism extends beyond physical prowess. We believe that mental and emotional readiness are equally vital components of peak performance. Led by competitive swimming coach and certified Life & Flow State Performance Coach, Tracey Hemphill, our workshops and training programs are designed to empower individuals to excel across all levels of performance. Join us as we strive to transform athletes into well-rounded champions, both on and off the field.


We'll help athletes to unlock their potential by getting clear on their values and strengths. By building a goal achieving strategy we make them aware of the marginal gains they are making which builds confidence and drive.  


We teach our athletes to harness the power of growth mindset training, emotional management techniques, and how to access Flow State more consistently.


We'll assist our athletes in developing emotional resilience through teaching the principles of state management, helping them to cope with the demands of sporting success both in and out of the competitive arena.

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Tracey Hemphill

"I want to have a positive and significant impact on development, participation and performance of 100000's through coaching and education."

Tracey is a distinguished Flow State Performance Coach renowned for her specialization in working with competitive athletes and high-performance individuals. She has a passionate dedication to facilitating peak performance and empowers athletes, performance artists, and high-achieving entrepreneurs to amplify their results, output, and overall performance by mastering consistent access to Flow States.
As part of her continued expertise, Tracey is also a mom of two young up-and-coming athletes and an active competitive swim coach. Her personal experience in balancing the demands of parenthood with the rigors of high-performance athletics further entrenches her understanding of the challenges of her clients. With this unique perspective, Tracey tailors her approach to resonate deeply with both athletes and parents alike, fostering a holistic understanding of peak performance within the family dynamic.
Her extensive background in the field is marked by collaborations with athletes and high-performance individuals from various corners of the globe, granting her a wealth of experience and profound insights.
Tracey's clientele encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from budding athletes to seasoned professionals, Olympic contenders, and individuals who continuously strive to push their boundaries. Having navigated through the challenges of a thwarted athletic career herself, Tracey intimately understands the internal conflicts and remorse that often accompany such setbacks. Nevertheless, it was from this crucible of adversity that her life's true calling emerged.
Drawing inspiration from her personal journey, Tracey equips athletes with the essential tools and facilitates transformative mindset shifts that are necessary for thriving in their respective domains. By imparting the same strategies that could have propelled her own athletic aspirations, Tracey guides her clients toward unlocking their innate potential and realizing their most ambitious goals.

Jumping Over Water
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It's time to level-up your performance with our tailor made-training solutions made for athletes just like you! Discover everything you need to achieve peak mental, physical, and emotional performance to help you succeed in your chosen sport and life. With experience as a competitive sports coach and as a registered life & performance coach, Tracey Hemphill is here to assist you in becoming a complete athlete.



Intensive coaching experience for committed, ambitious athletes

The program covers the following over a 12 week period:
• Goal setting/achieving
• Transformational vocabulary
• Self-image
• Vision boards
• Flow triggers and blockers
• Positive Psychology basics
• Grit training

Athletes will learn how to navigate performance anxiety and overwhelm with tools and strategies to improve clarity and confidence. 


Nurturing Mental resilience & strength

Complete Athlete Mentality Booster

 A workshop designed to educate athletes about mindset and motivations in order for them to better understand their experiences. This will help them reduce anxiety and better understand how to direct their focus for performance. 

Peak Performance Recipe

In this workshop we help athletes discover their strengths and teach athletes how to build their motivation and goal stacks. The purpose is to get their biology and neurology to work for them rather than against them. We take athletes through our process of building their goal stacks and teach them our goal achieving strategy.


X - factor for High Performance

Flow is the mental state you enter when you are so focused on the task at hand. This blend of happiness and peak performance is what athletes and peak performers experience when they are "in the zone". An experience thought to be unpredictable and unreliable, but now we can coach and trigger Flow. In this workshop we talk about the why, what and how of Flow State. This workshop is for high performance and elite level athletes who are done messing around.

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