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8 week Athlete Performance Experience 


We are going evaluate your current reality & value system to discover what is
really important to you & where you should be driving your resources so that you can have more mindful & targeted training to smash your performance goals.


Elimination of anything that is not making the highest or most effective use
of your time so that you can make more time for training & recovery, with less
stress & overwhelm & a functional schedule that works for you.

Optimize & Simplify

Optimization of your highest valued activities so that you can smash through
your limitations & make your sports & academic goals a reality by hacking
your schedule & training using flow.

Flow State

Flow is energized focus & concentration, allowing us to be more creative & productive, without having to work harder or longer. Flow is being in the zone & being able to react & respond effectively
to feedback in order to elevate performance. 

Jose Canjulo Namibia

At first I was nervous and thought I would struggle to understand and apply it,But Tracey explained and taught everything so well and made me understand everything and helped me apply it to my sports and mental performance. I feel like I’ve grown and all terms and became a much better athlete and person in general.

Amber Lewis RSA

"The complete Athlete performance program was something I never knew I needed until I started it. It has improved me as a whole, helping me achieve clear goals and proper time management. The program also helped me de-stress by helping me organise my life using lists and detailed planners. I highly recommend this program to athletes or anyone who needs help achieving their goals."

Jenna Shaw RSA

Tracey is informative and kind. She made me feel that I count and that I am worthy of improving on. The programme made me see what my goals are and how I am getting in my way of achieving them. I need to believe in me so others will believe in me too.

Other programs and workshops


Complete Athlete Mentality Booster workshop

An excellent in house experience for a team or group of athletes who want to understand and improve their mindset so that they can train and perform at their best


Peak Performance Recipe Workshop

Not sure of your why, what you hoping to achieve or how to achieve results that blow your mind? The Peak Performance Recipe workshop the ideal program to help athletes with direction and goal achievement.


Flow Full Throttle

The ideal group experience for individuals who want the lock, stock and barrel. High performance individuals who are done messing around and are serious about getting results, this course is for you. 

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